We Can Work it Out When I'm Sixty Four

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

As every second of every hour of every day tic's away all I think about is being played and for all who know me, play me and your going to get played in back. Maybe not today, or tomorrow but it's coming. I am old school, old testament. I have turned the cheek only to get smacked on the other cheek. I have made attempts to work things out only to be ignored as if I am going to go away. How do you get results with a company that admits to being a party to mail fraud as if they are untouchable? YOU DO NOT GIVE UP THAT's HOW.

I am constantly receiving messages from eBay collections, and I am getting rather pissed. To date, eBay has cost me in excess of $5,000.00. Over $ 2,000.00 in red in my PayPal account and another $ 3,000.00 plus in product that eBay say's has been returned yet it has not. Again, another example of eBay stupidity, a dude prints a return label for $ 3.27 what was to be for 2 12" Barbie, so I thought it cost more like $12.00 but whatever, then sends me a 6" x 8" flat. All eBay see's is a return label has been purchased. They are not smart enough to see the postage is off $8+ dollars and assume the customer returned the item, "a s s u m e", we all know that one.

Out of 14+ returns I received one item, the balance were kept by the customer, the same customer eBay returned money too.

Point blank, eBay is a racketeer, thieves, con artists, guilty of mail fraud, accessory to mail fraud, racketeering, petty theft, grand theft, price gouging during a state of emergency, violating Federal Anti Trust Laws, and pissing on small business while allowing professional thieves to rip off sellers with no consequences as they stick to their archaic ways that "the customer is always right" bullshit. eBay takes American jobs over sea's to Malaysia to people who speak English somewhat but are real good at blowing you off, cutting you off, double talking you and doing nothing for you.

We the people have allowed eBay to flip us off and look directly in our eyes and say to us "what are you going to do about it". We the people created this monster, and it is only we the people that can stop the monster but it will never happen. United we stand and divided we fall and fall we will because unless it actually happens to you, your not going to do anything.

With that being said, this blog will update as new developments happen, other than that, time to move on to new topics that interest me. Later

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