The Fool on the Hill, Should of known Better

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Ah, another day goes into night and more of the same from the almighty eBay whom tends to get dumber and dumber as each day passes. If you have been following the blog then you know what's up.

I have proven that the right hand of eBay has no clue what the left hand is doing. This goes for verbal communication as well. It does not matter what the topic is or what the issue is if you are lucky enough to get a code and allowed to dial in your not going to get the same person twice in a row or 3 or 4 or 5. And this is first hand knowledge, whatever they tell you it is going to change, over and over and over again.

In this episode I would like to talk about Brother PayPal. This is the family relative eBay does not publicly speak about and only when must. This entire week 9/14 to yesterday9/17/20, I received a total of 34 calls from PayPal which I ignored the first 33 and finally answered the 34th. Out of the ignored 33 they left not one voicemail. You would think someone who had called so many times would leave a voicemail? You may ask yourself why I did not answer sooner?

When this crap began and I first saw my PayPal account go negative I called PayPal only to be told to call eBay Resoluti0n. PayPal seems to not realize that they are criminally liable as well. It is no different then someone telling another person to walk into a store and take a watch and on the way out being caught stealing that watch. Do you think the "So and So told me to steal it" gets that person off? No, it does not. In the long run PayPal is the relative

that is going to take the fall for Brother eBay's action for it is PayPal taking your money and giving it to someone else without your consent or permission.

So on 9/17 I took the call, PayPal wants the minus in my account paid and I told the gentlemen I want my item's returned that the funds were taken for because I am not paying anything. I asked him, would you refund for item's returned that "were not" returned? I said, "would you sit back and allow yourself to be ripped off?" His response, "call eBay". I told him, "No, I am speaking to PayPal, It is PayPal not eBay that gave away my money, it is PayPal that had control and access to my money not eBay, it is PayPal the is criminally negligent for the refunding my money without verifying facts other than being told to do it by eBay.

I am not an attorney but does this make sense to anyone else other than me? If I am correct and I do believe I am and since this appears to be standard policy eBay and PayPal are done because this would consuetude a form of Racketeering, and there would have to be some form of Anti-Trust Laws violated not to mention multiple other criminal and civil charges and issues.

Okay friends, if there is actually anyone out there, that's it for now, TO BE CONTINUED

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