Updated: Oct 5, 2020

They say life goes on and it does for some but not for all, That's life. There are beginnings and endings and nobody escapes this. For some it is very painful, for others they do not even know what happened. Everything has a beginning and an end. The Beatles in my opinion put it best, "Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on bra la-la, how life goes on."

This crap by eBay is not the end for me, and it for sure is not the beginning. This is something I will never let go of, just like a dog with a bone I am not letting go. This is now my purpose, my mission, my life, to let everyone be aware that eBay is a company who needs sellers but they will screw you, bank on it. This company exists because people have things to sell, without them there is no eBay, but there going to get you, sooner or later there going to get you.

eBay, and I know I have said this a dozen times, has no clue what they are doing and do not care, below is yet another example of their stupidity.

Below is an eBay return report, return being key word here. Meaning these customers as far as eBay is concerned returned the listed item's thus eBay refunded monies for:

One of these item's was returned, number 4, Goldie Hawn Laugh 'in Barbie with the buyer claiming the box was damaged. Item 5, JD Auto came back with a different number, 137/150 than what was sent was 104/150. The 137/150 was badly damaged.

Item 6 took from the day it was taken to the PO, 7/24/20 until 8/30/20 to be delivered but eBay refunded the money around the 18th of August so this ass kept the face masks with eBay's blessing. Number 7, this fuck gave me a fake address in Van Nuys telling me it was his and wanted the package to go to Mexico, he told me this a week after it was shipped although we were able to go to PO and have it changed of which he received but told eBay he did not, getting a refund and keeping the $100 Barbie.

Number 9 is the fuck that returned a 6" x 8"envelope to ship back 2 Barbie, he just generated a return, kept Wilma & Betty and got a refund from eBay. Number 9. 10 & 11, this bitch is a class act. She orders 4 Barbie and instead of keeping it on one order she generates two orders back to back, returns the two orders, with trash in the boxes, she keeps the 4 Barbie and gets her money back from eBay, she actually put a laughing doll in one of the boxes!!!

Number 12 tells me after the fact to ship to a different address, like 3 days after it was shipped. Number 13 keeps the cards and sends back shit and gets his money back. The balance just kept the stuff and eBay gave back money.

This is a monthly break down where there are no major issue areas until the end of July and eBay does not stop and think, why? How does a top rated perfect 100% seller go from that to this? eBay's policy, "the buyer is always right" fuck the seller, allow mail fraud and be a party to it and add grand theft on top and they admit it smiling at you.

Next blog I am using my first amendment right of freedom of speech and I am going to tell everyone the names of the thieves, and how I plan to get justice without eBay stay tuned.......TO BE CONTINUED

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