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Updated: Sep 13

And shout this from the mountain top. We all know that one person, that guy that smiles to your face, laughs at you stupid jokes, promises to have your back and stabs you in it as soon as he walks away. He was the school bully, the one that would take the lunch monies from those that were afraid to stand up for themselves. He was the one who terrorized the kids on the bus and caused more absentees from school than the flu.

Almost everyone at one time or another in their lifetime has had some form of confrontation with a bully. My parents told me that if you stand up to a bully they will backdown and if they did not, knock them down with a punch to the nose. I thought, considering I have been out of school now over 44 years that those days were over and behind me but the advice I received from my parents was accurate, stand your ground and if needed throw that punch to the face.

A little background to this story. On September 22nd 2019 I started selling on eBay and was very successful. As of July 31st 2020 I had received 1099 positive feedback without a blemish. I had only had four items returned by customers or were they scam artists? I'll let you decide. A 2019 Bowman Chrome Wander Franco Purple refractor Autograph, numbered to 250. To keep the identity of those involved a secret, we will call this card #100 of 250.

The card left my office in pristine condition, four pointed sharp corners, smooth edges, perfect centering and no surface issues. This card sold for $1875.00 and photos were displayed with the eBay listing. No more than 2 weeks after the "customer" received this card I was informed by eBay they approved a return and I was to issue a refund. In this message from eBay it stated I can refund now or wait until I received the card back so that I could inspect the card and make sure it was the one sent. I was also informed in the message that if I issued the refund prior to receiving the card that I most likely would never see the card again. With that being said I chose to wait for the return before refunding.

When I received the card the first thing I noticed were multiple scratch's on the surface that were not there prior to shipping and then the numbers. This card was #176/250 and not 100/250. The "customer" had switched out his scratched up card for my pristine card. I immediately called eBay and was told they would look into it and asked " Have you issued the refund? "

I must say I was a little more than just thrown back from the question. I was appalled by it to the point I asked the rep on the phone, excuse me ? The eBay rep repeated the question. My response was no and that I have no intentions of issuing a refund until I get my actual card back. I was then told by the rep that I had 48 hours to issue the refund regardless. That's when I should of ran. I never got my card back and it cost me $1875 for this guy to switch cards.

The next time, it was a Adley Rutschman Green Auto to /99 which sold for $800. The buyer said it was damaged and eBay refunded the money, I never got the card back. Time number three was a 2019 Prizm Draft Picks Adley Rutschman Gold Prizm Auto numbered to /10 which sold for $600, it was returned because the buyer said it came out of the top loader during shipment. LOL, not possible, it was in a snap case that was taped. Once again, eBay refunds and I am sent back a non-autographed Rutschman.

Time number four it was a 2019 Bowman Chrome Draft Josh Jung green auto to /99 which sold for $369. The buyer stated it took to long to get there, 4 days? eBay refunds and once again I am sent back a different card.

Number 5, a 2019-20 Optic Zion Williamson Silver Holo Prizm and a Blue Velocity non-auto prizm. $ 949.00 and different cards were sent back. I will continue my list later but the point is, eBay does nothing, their policy that the "customer is always right" is out dated for today's world. eBay should not even have a return policy when it comes to sport's cards and high end collectibles. There should be some form of verification put in place to protect both the buyer and the seller.

eBay does not care about the seller and putting a policy in place to protect the seller is the last thing they will ever do due to costs. eBay's system now, "customer is always right" will continue because by keeping the customer happy they continue to spend. The hell with the seller, they are a dime a dozen. If it was eBay's monies being refunded this would be mute because eBay will not take it in the shorts and why should they when it is so easy just to stick the seller? When it comes to "Resolution" eBay is the judge, jury and executioner.

Up to July 31st 2020 I have been screwed 8 times but that is nothing compared to what I am about to say. In April/May 2020 eBay offered, or better said stuck deferment down my throat, Pay half your months fee now and defer the second half plus 2 months for 60 days at which time you pay your full month and half your deferment due to Covid 19 and it's effects on eBays economy. I do not like owing anyone anything because crap happens and happened it did.

My deferment was due July 31, 2020 but on July 6th eBay shut me down for non-payment, no listing, no buying, no selling. I had called and spoke with a rep from eBay on June 22nd in regards to the deferment and when it was due and was told July 31st. I made a follow up call on June 29th to confirm for peace of mind and again was told July 31st. On July 6th after I was shut down I called and was told, "No, you were due June 30." I told this rep of the two conversations I had had and she replied " Our team mates had spoke in error. I asked, two of your team mate's said the exact same thing to me so they were both incorrect? She replied, "yes" and they would be placed back in school for re-training.

I asked the rep why is it that because eBay employee's, two of them on two different dates give me the incorrect information, why am I being held accountable? The reply was, I am sorry, and there was nothing she could do about it because the computer had locked me out. I hung up and called again to get another rep and start over. The gentlemen I spoke with listened to my story and promised to take it to the powers that be for immediate reversal which he did and 12 days later I could proceed with business until I was shut down again 6 days later. It took 24 hours and I was selling again but I had lost two weeks and have a $5200 nut to crack in seven days.

It would appear that things could not get any worse, wrong. eBay as always was guarantying delivery within 3 to 5 days depending on location and that's when it was taking the U S Postal Service 7 to 10 days to get a package from San Antonio to Dallas which is a 4.5 hour drive away. It was taking up to 30 days to deliver a package. Customers were demanding refunds and eBay was offering them. 14 orders of which one of my items eBay refunded monies on was returned to me, one. I had items switched, I had garbage sent back to me, I had cards that looked like they got rained on, I had Barbie come back as a troll, I had a 6" x 8" mailer received that was supposed to be a double Barbie set and eBay sends me a notice saying items returned now refund.

This is not even the worst of it, besides being out thousands and thousands of dollars, eBay has PayPal charge my account for every refund to the tune of over $ 2,000. All red, minus $ 2,000. Not only am I out product but I am negative in my account that had over $3800 in it before the eBay keep the merch and we will refund your money crap.

I have called eBay dozens of times and as many know, you can not respond to their messages. I know for a fact they are blocking me because on August 31st after receiving the 6" x 8" envelope that according to eBay had two 12" Barbie in it, I requested a call in code from another account and I got right through. After 5 minutes of trying to explain the facts to the eBay rep I was disconnected?

Now keep in mind, prior to all of this I was a "Top Rated Seller", 1099 positive feed back without a blemish. I asked the eBay rep on the 31st, you do not find it curious how a top rated seller, 1099 + feed back, falls apart overnight?

eBay is guilty of enabling mail fraud, they are an accessory to mail fraud and PayPal is an accessory after the fact, both guilty of grand theft. In the middle or so of August, eBay posts how the Post Office is having issues and how we the sellers and eBay are "PARTNERS" and in this together and that is when the light came be continued

Welcome back, I do think I am welcoming myself back, in the gallery are two of the dozen returns that do not have what was sent. The first was to have 9 Zion Williamson Prizm Draft cards and you can clearly see it does not. The next set was to have four Barbie and again you can see it does not. The other was to hold a Wilma & Betty, "The Flintstones" 2 Barbie set, which there is no way yet eBay say's was returned.

Yesterday I received yet another message from Lord eBay saying that a package of Barbie had been returned and I had 48 hours to refund, 15 minutes later eBay issued a return. Last week after a 20 day trip to ??? a package was returned to me, the buyer shortly thereafter contacted me and we agreed to re-ship but this time using FedEx and today out of the blue eBay issues a refund. WTF? See the messages you can not respond too.

As eBay continues to issue refunds, no product has been returned. They have completely blocked me from messaging or calling and continue to email as they so willingly refund monies to thieves. TO BE CONTINUED


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