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Welcome back. Where I left off on the first blog was what eBay does and how they treat sellers. To refresh, I was a Top Rated Plus Seller from 9/22/19 to 7/31/20, 1099 positive feed back with zero blemish's.

In the age of Covid, eBay continues to guarantee delivery dates between 3 to 5 days. eBay's policy, "The Customer is Always Right" regardless of facts or evidence. Finally, eBay and resolution, eBay is the judge, jury, and executioner.

As I shared last blog, eBay does not allow the seller to respond to their messages, they dictate what you must do and if you do not agree, tough nuts. You can not call eBay because when they think you screwed up, they block you and reroute you to a recording. So there is no debating, arguing or suppling evidence proving them wrong. Regardless of a situation eBay is correct and your going to pay, period because they seem to hold some form of power over PayPal who does as eBay tells them to do, as for me it was a negative in my account to the tune of over $2,000.00.

eBay can refund a customers money regardless of the facts. Customers or scam artist's, thieves, whatever you choose to call them can send back an empty box, trash, something totally different than what you sent and eBay believes whatever the customer says and you are wrong regardless of truth or evidence. eBay does nothing when they refund money and the other party keeps your stuff or sends back crap.

Keep in mind, you can not message or call eBay so you are forced to sit back and watch your PayPal balance continue to climb in a negative manner. Calling PayPal is mute because they tell you to contact eBay which you can not.

Another thing to keep in mind, although eBay continues to tell people 3-5 days on delivery, it is the seller who gets hung by the neck when it does not happen. Although your item's are in route, eBay will refund a customers money and you will never see your item again, the customer gets their money back and your product and eBay does not care.

Here lies the major problem, people know this or should I say thieves know this, they know eBay's polices and they make a living doing this, They gang up on a seller when they get away with it they go back in bunches.

These thieves are guilty of "Mail Fraud: as defined:

"A crime in which the perpetrator develops a scheme using the mails to defraud another of money or property. The crime specifically requires the intent to defraud, and is a federal offense governed by section 1341 of title 18 of the U.S. Code. "

As to eBay, they are "Aiding, Abetting and an Accessory" to Mail Fraud as they do nothing to correct this. They will not hear the seller out, look at the evidence or facts involved. They do not put in place safe guards such as returned item's should go directly to eBay and then back to seller so eBay can see first hand what is sent back. eBay should be paying attention to baseball, basketball, football cards that go out with a serial number on them so when a different card is returned they do not ignore the seller and refund money to a switched card,

Now that I am on a roll let's involve PayPal who does whatever eBay tells them to without investigating facts or evidence as they refund monies on eBay's demand. This makes PayPal an accessory after the fact.

It is my opinion that not only is eBay an accessory to mail fraud they are also guilty of grand theft. By refunding monies without the return of property, examination of facts and evidence, the money the seller is out is theft which is by eBay's command again making PayPal an accessory to.

eBay is also guilty of allowing price gouging. Although there are really no laws against price gouging in The United States because of the free market system but gouging prices on items during times of a natural disaster such as a flood or hurricane or in this case Covid 19 is illegal. A merchant or solicitor is breaking the law if he raises the prices of his goods during this time. The prices charged for the goods before the disaster must remain the same when an area is in a state of emergency. I do not ever recall in my lifetime seeing Lysol going for $40 to $80 for a $5 12oz can, do you? First seen in March 2020 on eBay and brought to their attention 14 times and to date nothing has been done about it.

The above photos with prices were taken today, 9/6/2020 so you see it continues and why? Say a can of Lysol sells normally for $5, eBay's fee of 13.45% equals $ .67 cents verses a can selling for $60 which equals $8.07. The why is $7.40, the difference eBay receives. It's all about the money. When you try to get a hold of eBay via phone, 85% of the time you get a call center in Malaysia. How many U.S. citizens are unemployed and eBay out sources it's labor to Malaysia?



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