A DAY IN THE LIFE, and All I got to do is Act Naturally:

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

I thought maybe the borage of eBay messages and emails that I could not respond to had ran it's course and maybe my blood pressure would not hit 200 over 200 daily. I thought maybe for a moment I could sit back, relax, watch a complete 9 innings of a ball game for a change. WRONG.

Below in the gallery is today's, September 12, 2020 daily dose of stupidity from Lord eBay and this is a topper. I have repeatedly said that the right hand of eBay has no idea what the left hand is doing and here is yet another example.

Photo 1 is eBays first notification to me that a case had been filed. The funny thing here is this buyer placed two orders and returned two boxes of trash. Neither box contained the item's I sent. The reason for the return is how long it took the U S Postal Service to get the order to her. This is the third time eBay has refunded money to her. It does not take a genius to figure out this is not the first time this has been done. You place two separate orders of two item's each. You find a reason to return one of the four purchases. You do this 4 separate times and return garbage. Why? eBay has no clue because "The buyer is always right" that's their policy. No need to investigate, no need to look at evidence. It is not their product getting stolen and it is not their money being returned. This person has received for separate refunds. The four refunds add up to more than she spent and she kept all four Barbie Dolls. Stupid is as stupid does eBay.

Photo 2 is eBay's 30 minute decision to refund my money to a thief. No cross checking, no investigation, no verifying the item's were returned, just give away someone else's money. ebay has no skin in the game, it is not their loss. Notice the message came from "eBay customer Support" not eBay resolution or eBay mediation. The decision to refund is made regardless of facts.

The last three is for some reason my allowed response and their acknowledgement of the

response of which they will do nothing about.

Here is eBay's message in regards to my issue with the buyer. That did not take long. Once again, they asked for nothing, evidence, questions, nothing, eBay is guilty of mail fraud, just as guilty as the other thief.

So then, until next time: TO BE CONTINUED

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